The Cartel

Founded in 2013 owner Q "QdaDopeDealer" Williams wanted to create a brand where individuals could tap into their dope side. Coming from the eastside of Detroit(48214) mixing luxury with street style comes naturally to the Queen Pin. From an early age she was known for her bright colors accompanied with 14k gold accessories. What is pinned as the “O.G LUXURY SYNTHETIC EXTENSION” brand as transitioned far beyond hair. “Being Dope isn't just about whats on the outside, it's about the inside, you know the mentality of an individual. My goal is to express my mentality through my brand.”, she states in a recent interview about her 4th quarter 2020 launch. Seeing whats on the outside is only a reflection of whats with-in & she has created a brand that does just that.  To compliment the custom line up Luxury extensions she has formulated a collection of dope pieces that you have been #Feignin for. Closing out 2020 with the official launch of


‘The Luxury Lifestyle Brand.”

Without further ado, WELCOME TO THE CARTEL.


President/CEO Dope Head Cartel

Dope Feigns